Sunday, January 29, 2012

Slice Elite Review

I jumped on the Slice bandwagon because everything was so CHEAP (a favorite word when the budget is tight).   I tested it out and this little baby can run!

The Pros: 
I have to say that it cuts really well. I used light and medium cardstock and there were no problems. (I haven't tried heavy cardstock, yet.) It is small and portable. You can use it without a powercord. Because they cut mostly silouettes, it cuts fast. But to be fair, even the words are cut pretty fast, too.  If you are in hurry, this will do it no time at all. It was also really easy to use.

I used the Vintage Findings design card to make the beautiful butterfly on my card. The silhouettes on the design cards are beautifully done and are a nice addition to the Cricut cartridges I have. For example, I have Old West by Provocraft. Great images and they are layered so they have a lot of dimension. I now have Happy Trails by Making Memories. The cuts are just silhouettes but they look more sophisicated. So, to me, they a more grown-up kind of feel. Here is what I mean:

Example of the people from Old West, Provocarft

Examples of the people from Happy Trails, Making Memories

Here is a frame using the branco rider, star, and alphabet:
From the Slice Inspiration Card that comes with the design card, Making Memories

It looks great to me!  I also feel that I have more options to make more "manly" cards now, too.

The newer design cards now have shadow and mirror features which give you more options.

Another plus: I used the Paris Apartment Applique design card to make the tea pot in my card. So it can make layered cuts. The Applique desgin cards are really for the Slice Fabrique marketed for sewing but worked quite nicely with my card :)

The downside of the Slice:
It can only cut to 4 inches with the regular slice cards. If you use the shadow feature, it will only cut to 3.5 in.  So that is even smaller.

BUT: The layered images can get bigger if you use the Applique design cards. The teapot was cut at 2 in but with all the layered pieces it measures at 2.75 by 3.75 in. The Applique design cards come with a booklet detailing all that infomation so you tell how big the image will be. So it can get a little complicated when you add the layers.

If you want the layered look, the Applique design cards are really expensive.  They can be about $35 to $45.  You get a lot less images in an Applique design card than you would in a Cricut Cartridge.

Another downside is that you can only cut one piece at a time. Whereas, with the Cricut, if you need 5 flowers, it cuts it all at once.  So mass producing can be a pain.

Bottom line:
I think the Slice is a nice addition to my craftroom. I can take it to crops - it weighs about 2 pounds.  It won't replace my Cricut but I am glad I have other options at a reasonable price.


  1. I like your card. I was wondering about the Slice and had debated it when I saw it on sale. I can now take your pros and cons into considerationa nd think about it a bit more. :)

  2. I have 15 slice cards for my daughter and 4 I am trading. No machine yet though! Love your projects.


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