Friday, December 9, 2011

V I N Y L ! ! Finally!

Well, the day finally came. I tried vinyl and it came out GREAT! I bought the Disney's Pooh Font Cartridge specially to do my son's name in vinyl. I bought a whole load of vinyl because I loved what everyone else was doing with vinyl. I figured, "It can't be too hard, right?"

But I did feel it might be too hard and I had this vinyl and this cartridge just sitting around for months. (I'm embarrassed to admit how many months :/)

I put on big girl panties, took a deep breath and checked the settings: pressure: low, speed: low. Then, I cut away on my little Create. When it finished, I looked at the mat apprehensively. It didn't look like anything happened. I felt dejected but I still had hope. Maybe I could save it?

I peeled the side away slowly and I saw the"A".... then the "n".... then the "d"... - It WORKED! Yay! I know it is a very simple design but I am just so excited. Now my son has his name over his play area. That's pretty cool :)

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