Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Brotherly Love

Do you ever feel intimidated to even try a new crafty endeavour?  That's how I feel about scrapbooking.  The funny thing is I started out a scrapbooker.  But I set out to do just as my husband suggested and pick out one off our favorite pictures to scrapbook.  That's all the inspiration I needed.
I used an image from A Child's Year but it wasn't right because I had two boys.


So I did what I learned how to do from you lovely ladies in the Cricut board - I altered it. :)

 I noticed that the girl image had rounded edges and I just used regular crafting scissors to remove the rounded edges and the flair on the bottom of her shirt.  I lopped off her hair and Voila! Two boys!  I also removed the duck because it just didn't go with the the page.  

One of the most difficult things for me is lining up the letters - even in cardmaking.  So now I use a level with a laser.  I forget which blog I got the idea from but it is great!  I tried to take pictures of it but they are not so great.  I would love to hear how others make sure their letters are straight.  How you keep your letters from being crooked?

Do you see the red line?  That's the laser!
I turned off my Ott light so you can see it better... Oh well, I tried :)

 Lastly, I added some old fashion looking alphabet cards from October Afternoon to complete the page. 


  1. Love this Lori and great idea to alter the image - its now perfect for your LO. I use a straight piece of white paper and tape it down with low tack tape, to get my letters straight on a project. Hope you have a great day.


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