Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Christmas in July 2013

Scrapalette from Around the Block with Scrapalette is hosting a Christmas in July Blog Hop!

Every Saturday, there will be a different theme and lots of creative ideas. Prizes will be offered.
July 6 for Gift Card Holders
July 13 for Christmas Cards
July 20 for Christmas Ornaments
July 27 for Anything Goes Projects!
I joined in for the Christmas Ornaments part of the blog hop on July 20th.
Scrapalette made the cutest little Elf Nuggest Rockers to kick it all off!


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  1. Love the blog hop, my very first, glad I changed into my tennis for this, cause those 6 inch spikes were killing me!!! Love your projects and I am especially partial to clocks and birds , so this was a real treat.


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