Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chalkboard Valentine's Day Card

My husband is a no frills kind of guy so I needed a Valentine's Day card that was simple.  Enter the chalkboard technique.  I had been seeing this trend all over the internet and thought: Hey!  I bet I could do that with the Cricut!  The added bonus is that my husband is teacher so the chalkboard technique is something I have been itching to try.  This video by Tammy White was really helpful in teaching how to do the chalkboard technique.  I just adapted it for use with the Cricut instead of stamps.

1.  For this card, I used Carousel for the ticket diecut and Martha Stewart Elegant Cakes for the Dinner at 8 Uppercase font.

2.  The ticket diecut was cut at 3.5 x 5.75.  The letters were cut at 1.5.

3.  Before laying the letters on the ticket, I used a white pencil to create a border.  Then, I pasted the letter onto the ticket.

4.  Next,  I added the hearts and numbers with a white pencil.  One heart is done with a pink pencil for the color chalk effect.

5.  I added some talcum powder randomly on the ticket and shook off the excess.  The video shows the Embossing Buddy. With a new baby in the house, baby powder is much more accessible :)

6.  Finally, I added some more little hearts and 021413 on the sides of the ticket to represent Valentine's Day.

Here is close-up so you can see the chalkboard effect:

So there it is!  It is not just for stampers.  You can do the chalkboard technique with the Cricut, too!

Have a great day :)

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